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The most sought-after form of massage in the world is the Swedish massage. At Serenity Thyme Massage in Topeka, KS, I offer Swedish massage therapy that will help relax tight muscles and spasms, give you an increased sense of relaxation, and reduce overall tension in the body. Focusing in on your individual needs will allow me to provide a world-class level of massage therapy that you will never forget.

No two bodies are alike; each Swedish massage session should always be customized to the specific issues facing each client. Pressure, focus, depth, and overall desired outcome are my foremost considerations. I will use long, gliding strokes and direct pressure that is determined by your sensitivity and preference.

One of the greatest benefits Swedish massage provides is stress relief; an important component of a healthy lifestyle. A one-hour massage session can reduce stress by lowering your heart rate and reducing your levels of insulin and cortisol. This technique also improves circulation, resulting in lower blood pressure and a diminished risk for anxiety, depression, and hostile feelings.

By targeting your painful areas, I will cut down on pain and allow new blood to flow through targeted areas. When the muscles are gently manipulated, lactic acid is immediately flushed from the muscles, improving the functioning of your lymphatic system.

Stress can cause muscle soreness, but massage relaxes the muscles and relieves pain. I will remove tension from your body and increase your flexibility.

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