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Deep tissue massage therapy is one of the most requested services at Serenity Thyme Massage in Topeka, KS. Similar to Swedish massage, deep tissue massage therapy focuses on the deepest layers of our soft tissues, such as muscle tissues, fascia, and connective tissues that are the protective layers surrounding our muscles, bones, and joints.

The purpose and objective of a quality deep tissue massage is to assist the tight, shortened, and imbalanced soft tissues to stretch and lengthen to their proper state of balance within your body. A deep tissue massage at Serenity Thyme Massage will help address overuse injuries, chronic pain, increase mobility, and range-of-motion. A session will also lengthen your muscles and soft tissues in order to reduce imbalances, and increase circulation that promotes healing through the body.

This modality of massage is used as a corrective and therapeutic treatment. I will focus on the deeper layers of the muscle tissue by utilizing slower and more intensive pressure. Deep tissue massage techniques allow me to affect the injured area and speed healing by breaking up scar tissue, lengthening the muscle, and increasing blood flow.

As we all move through our daily lives, we accumulate a myriad of stresses in our bodies that we have taught ourselves to ignore. At times, this type of massage is described as somewhat uncomfortable, but it induces a feeling that something is being worked out in the body. Those who experience deep tissue massage say it is worth it to get rid of problematic pain.

Deep tissue massage forges an immediate connection and awareness between the body and mind. Schedule an appointment to begin feeling better right away!

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